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The Shealer Difference

Things are done a little differently at Shealer.  Massage, bodywork, and other healing modalities are approached from the holistic perspective.  This means that in addition to the physical aspect of the work that you experience, emotional and spiritual elements are often incorporated to help achieve optimum wellness.

The holistic approach to wellness

Taking a holistic approach to your treatment means looking at more than just the ache, pain, or mental hardship.

For example, you may come in because of a headache that has lasted for three days. Upon further exploration, we find that you haven’t slept well the last several nights because you have been feeling stressed about upcoming travel for work. Can the massage alleviate the headache? Most likely. Will the headache come back the next time you are stressed or traveling? Most likely.

With a holistic approach, we address both the pattern of expressing stress in headaches, as well as taking an honest look at your line of work. Together, we are working towards a better future of vibrant health.

Finding Balance

The Shealer philosophy is that we are all responsible for our own health, and therefore are able to make improvements to it at any time.  Here you will be encouraged to find balance in your physical and emotional bodies, dissolve old and unnecessary patterns, and move forward into a lighter, happier, healthier future.  There are no judgements here, only a safe space allowing healing to occur as you are ready for it.

Instructor / Healer

Sakarra Rae Stefaniak

Healer & Mentor

Rae has been studying healing modalities since 2003. In addition to a Bachelor’s in Human Development and Family Studies, she is a state licensed and nationally certified bodywork, Usui Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach, and recently obtained her Diploma in Holistic Nutrition.

Her own daily experiences and struggles with a chronic health condition have allowed her to become an intuitive, empathetic, and dedicated healthcare provider. She is a specialist in women’s health, digestive health, and autoimmune dysfunction.

She lives a simple, happy, quiet life with her husband and pup.

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