Baby Love

by Mar 21, 2019

It’s nearly universal, the love of babies. They are adorable, cuddly, smell delicious, and look at you without any filter or preconceived notions. They are impervious to overdue bills, gossip, news….and so bold in demanding that their needs be met without any consideration to our schedules!!


Magical Babies

After spending a few days with my sister in celebration of my nieces’ first birthday, I ruminated on what exactly makes them so magical (besides what I listed above). Sophia is in fact a miracle baby, one that we all waited over a decade to meet. She is also one of my best friends and we share a love that is hard for me to put into words. Aside from my bias, she still seems pretty magic to me.


Baby Evolution is a Gift

Every time I see her she has changed….grown bigger, become more alert and interactive. This time, you could see her developing into a person and catch glimpses of who she was going to be–where she was stubborn, where she is sweet, etc. She was a lot of fun this visit, more mobile than ever and rattling off more words than any other 1-year-old I’ve encountered to date.

Watching her evolve from a 7 lb. newborn to a baby that I had to use most of my strength to hoist up has been a gift. From our first meeting she has gladly napped at my directives. While it might seem trivial, it holds more meaning as she gets older. This time I fought a lump in my throat as her huge gray eyes looked up at me in awe and wonder before batting away gently to sleep, her tiny fingers grasping my thumb. I am safe. I am comortable and comforting. I am a place of refuge and restoration, and blessed to be deemed so.

Seeing her joy at the tiniest achievements is such a gift. Figuring out how to crawl, which piece fits into her puzzle, clapping and dancing, all with a bliss that escapes me in adulthood. Watching her try new foods and smile in approval, observing her total absorption into a new sight or sound outside. Each moment she is discovering the world around her with a lens of beauty and appreciation.


Rae’s Wrap-up

We never turned on the tv while I was there. We all chose to live in the moment with her. We rediscovered the sounds of nature, the vividness of colors, the tastes and textures of foods. We slept when we were tired. What a gift, to return to the simplicity of just being. It made me long for the days before cell phones and computers and 24-hour news feeds. It also warmed my heart to have a few days with family where there was no tension or family drama or gossip to speak of. Everyone was joined in experiencing her as she experienced the world. Besides being my favorite niece and one of my happiest places, she is a tremendous teacher in the art of presence and the great unifier of love. I can’t wait to see her again in June.

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