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Body & Energy Work | Meditation & Life Coaching | Distant Services

First Time Clients

Please call (919) 608-8146 or email to book your first session.

We’d like to quickly welcome you to Shealer, review your goals and answer your questions so we can recommend appropriate options and be better prepared for your visit. Once booked, be sure to read our first appointment notes below and complete all forms.

Established Clients

To book appointments for energy work, meditation, life coaching and distant services, please contact me directly. I am no longer offering body work, but I am happy to recommend a new massage therapist based on our past relationship and your individual needs.

Please download the forms from the appropriate category below and complete them with Adobe Reader prior to your first session.


Tips for Viewing/Completing these Forms:

Where to Start

To begin completing the form in Adobe Reader, go to Tools (upper left) and choose “Fill & Sign”. This option may also be on the right side of your screen as a purple pen and scribble icon.

Signing a Form

Not sure how to sign the form? At the top of Adobe Reader, look for the “Sign Yourself” icon and click on it. You’ll be able to add a new signature if you don’t already have one.

Smooth Scrolling

If the form is jumping from page to page as you scroll, turn on “Smooth Scrolling”. In Adobe Reader, go to View > Page Display > Enable Scrolling.

Class & Workshop Forms

Nutrition Services Forms

First Appointment / New Services

At our first meeting, we will spend a few minutes addressing your concerns and goals for our sessions and together we will determine the best course of action for attaining maximum wellness.  A treatment plan and home care suggestions may be offered.

Regardless of which modality of care you are here for, it is important that you familiarize yourself with Shealer’s etiquette and policies.  They must be signed before any services are provided.  

Shealer values and appreciates open and honest communication; you are encouraged to be a co-creator of your health!  It is always appropriate to let us know if we can be doing something better.

I look forward to building a lasting relationship with you!!


Rae Stefaniak

Healer & Mentor

If you have questions about services, the onboarding process, or need to update me on your condition to be better prepared for your visit, send me a message through our contact form or call (919) 608-8146.


State College, Pennsylvania


(919) 608-8146

Virtually Connect

Though in person services are offered in State College, we can connect in a variety of ways anywhere in the world through email, Facebook Messenger and LinkedIn, while Skype and Facetime enable a scheduled face-to-face experience.