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Detox Diet Diva Program

An immersive, 21 Day Clean Eating Experience

Detox Diet Diva 21 Day Challenge

Interested in healthier eating but not sure where to start?
Want to try a detox without a long commitment?
Looking to build a community with other like minded women who will support you?

Then the Detox Diet Diva 21 Day Challenge is definitely for you!

A Message from Rae…

I’m not a size 0. I don’t run 5Ks. But, due to the health challenges I’ve faced throughout my life, I understand how food, activity and mental strength affect us daily better than most. I’ve studied nutrition in and outside of the classroom to gain knowledge on how to help others understand their bodies and face their specific challenges. This 21 Day Challenge will guide your journey to nutritional, mental and physical success in ways you never imagined.

If you’re just beginning your climb to better overall wellness, this is a great way to hit the “reset” button and prepare yourself for success throughout your journey. 

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A $500 Value for just $119!

In this class, you will commit to clean eating for 14 days.  You will also gain access to expert guidance and knowledge on:
      • How to prepare yourself mentally
      • What to expect physically
      • Setting up your kitchen for success
      • Addressing food addiction/food soothing
      • Supportive therapies and techniques to help your body detoxify
      • Meal and snack ideas
      • Easy activities to boost metabolism
      • AND MORE

Upon completion of this program, you can expect:

Better quality sleep.

Reduced food cravings.

Less inflammation.

More energy and focus during the day.

Increased confidence.

Why it Works

You are never alone!

We’ll have three live zoom sessions, one individual coaching session and most importantly, you’ll be assigned an accountability partner!

Detoxing is a lot easier when there’s someone to lean on when a craving hits, you’re feeling lazy, and you want to throw in the towel. An accountability partner helps you stay on track. You’ll go through the program together, share recipes and look out for one another. AND they’ll also be there when you want to celebrate a win!

21 Day Challenges begin:

New Dates Coming Soon. Email us!

Each session is limited to 12 participants. Zoom Calls will occur on three consecutive Mondays @ 7pm. You’ll also schedule one individual coaching session with Rae.

Through the Detox Diet Diva’s Dashboard, you’ll receive instruction for 21 days and access to numerous handouts and resource.

Begin by registering for the course. You’ll then be directed to your dashboard where you can purchase the $500 $119 challenge! This discount won’t last forever!


**This program does not cure or treat any disease or condition. It is and educational program focused on clean eating choices and all the ways your body will benefit. If you are being treated for any chronic condition, let your doctor know you are participating. By enrolling in this program, you assume full responsibility for your own health and wellness and hold Shealer and Sakarra Rae harmless.**

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