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A Wholistic Approach to Eating, Living and Wellbeing.

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Shealer Nutrition Services

Your health is dynamic, unique, and interwoven.  My approach to nutrition is a comprehensive and collective view of your life story that has brought you to this moment.  Your wellness is the food you eat, the supplements you take, the environments you live and work in, your relationships and support systems, your spirituality, and the energy and information you surround yourself with.  It is only by looking at the whole picture that we can arrive at an ideal approach towards your optimal state of wellness.

Clean Kitchen

Clean Kitchen Program

Together, we'll set up a cleaner, healthier, more organized pantry based on your household goals. The Program includes grocery trips, 2 power cooking sessions and lots of education information and recipe/meail planning ideas.

Berries and yogurt

Detox Diet Diva 21 Day Challenge

An immersive, guided 21 day clean eating experience with personal interaction for success.

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Berries and Fruit Yogurt

One-on-One Services Package

The offers a completely personalized experience tailored to your body and lifestyle, starting with a comprehensive intake and analysis.

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Woman Meditating

Whole Body Health Program

A more holistic, supportive, and expanded version of the one-on-one series, this package also offers Reiki, meditation, and a self-care starter kit.

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PureGenomics DNA Reading

NEW! PureGenomics Nutritional Analysis

Your own DNA tells the story! Utilizing your profile for Ancestry or 23 & Me, we'll assess where your body is naturally strong and where extra support is needed.

Reach Vibrant Health

All of our systems are working together, in every moment of our lives.  It is impossible to separate your blood sugar fluctuations from your endocrine and digestive health, for example.  When we look at one symptom, we look at all of the systems involved in that symptom.  

It is both my belief and my experience that vibrant health can only be reached when we address all of the following:


  • The best foods for your body
  • High quality, pharmaceutical grade supplements
  • Good sleep hygiene
  • Stress management
  • Community and support systems
  • Movement that works for you
  • Supportive therapies to assist in detoxification and cleansing

Programs addressing all facets of life

Whether you are interested in dipping your toe into the waters of nutrition, or diving deep into the ocean of healing potential, I am here to meet you at your current place of need.



Sometimes it is helpful to get to know each other a bit before agreeing to work together.  You can gain an understanding of my approach to health and I can learn about your goals and how you most like to be supported.

If you aren’t sure where to start with your nutrition journey, let's connect to discuss your specific questions and concerns.  

Want to see what program or product is right for you?  Simply complete this form to schedule a FREE 15-minute phone consult to learn more. I'll reach out as soon as I'm free!

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**These programs do not cure or treat any disease or condition. They are educational programs focused on clean eating choices and all the ways your body will benefit. If you are being treated for any chronic condition, let your doctor know you are participating. By enrolling in this program, you assume full responsibility for your own health and wellness and hold Shealer and Sakarra Rae harmless.**

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If you have questions about treatments, workshops or distant services, reach out anytime. Calls and emails are usually read and responded to between appointments or within 24 hours.

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Though in person services are offered in State College, we can connect in a variety of ways anywhere in the world through email, Facebook Messenger and LinkedIn, while Skype and Facetime enable a scheduled face-to-face experience.