Clean Kitchen Program


We’ll get hands on with the clean kitchen program!  In the comfort of your own home, together we will set up a cleaner, healthier, more organized pantry based on the goals of your household. We’ll also grocery shop together, teaching you how to read labels and find the cleanest food sources. Most importantly, you will receive assistance in 2 power cooking sessions, which is the key to maintaining healthy eating long-term. You will also receive lots of educational information and recipe/meal planning ideas.

Each session can also be bought individually as you progress through the program, or following the program as needed.


PureGenomics Nutritional Analysis

Utilizing your DNA profile from Ancestry or 23 & Me, PureGenomics assesses your “hiccups”. By addressing issues like nutrition, glucose metabolism, cognitive health & memory, energy & fitness performance/exercise response, gastrointestinal health, and more, we can see where your body is strong, and where extra support is needed.  Your own DNA tells the story.  Dietary and supplement suggestions are provided with the complete report.  This is as personalized as nutrition and wellness consulting get — because it really is all about YOU.


The Clean Kitchen Program Includes:

  • 1 hour kitchen assessment
  • 2 (30 min) assisted grocery shopping trips
  • 2 (75 min) hands on meal plan and prep
  • 1 (30 min) check-in/tune up
  • Unlimited email support
  • Recipe and meal planning guidance.

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