PureGenomics Nutritional Analysis


Utilizing your DNA profile from Ancestry or 23 & Me, PureGenomics assesses your “hiccups”. By addressing issues like nutrition, glucose metabolism, cognitive health & memory, energy & fitness performance/exercise response, gastrointestinal health, and more, we can see where your body is strong, and where extra support is needed.  Your own DNA tells the story.  Dietary and supplement suggestions are provided with the complete report.  This is as personalized as nutrition and wellness consulting get — because it really is all about YOU.

The PureGenomics Nutritional Analysis is a 45 minute consultation. By providing your genetic information in advance, I'll be ready with dietary and supplement suggestions and a complete report as a takeaway. Also includes a $25 credit toward an order of supplements, if needed.


Sometimes it is helpful to get to know each other a bit before agreeing to work together.  You can gain an understanding of my approach to health and I can learn about your goals and how you most like to be supported.

If you aren’t sure where to start with your nutrition journey, let's connect to discuss your specific questions and concerns.  

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