Energy Work

Reiki | Aura Clearing | Chakra Balance | Healing Attunement

Reiki & Other Energy Services

This form of hands on healing is profoundly powerful yet gentle.  You can expect to experience warmth, vibrations or wave-like sensations, and deep calm.  

Reiki is safe for all conditions of the body, mind, or spirit.  It complements all traditional medical practices and religious ideologies. 

Energy work like reiki, aura clearing, chakra balance, and healing attunement address healing at the spiritual and cellular levels.  It goes directly to the root cause.   

Reiki is especially recommended for help with insomnia, anxiety, digestion, headaches, the grieving process, pregnancy,  and comfort during end-of-life care. 

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Energy Work Services

Reiki (60 min): $80
Reiki (90 min): $110
Chakra Balance (30 min): $35
Healing Attunement (20 min): $35

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