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Meditation & Life Coaching

Meditation for Empowerment | Worry Reduction | LovEvolution

Life Coaching Options & Services

Shealer offers three unique courses for life coaching – Empowerment, Worry Reduction, and LovEvolution Life Coaching. All are non-judgemental, gentle, and encouraging. 


Empowerment Life Coaching

Standard life coaching uses an empowerment model.  Together, we co-create a more meaningful and joyful life. This model addresses topics such as attitude, fear, procrastination, and success planning while mapping out goals in objective and realistic steps.

Worry Reduction Life Coaching

Worry Reduction coaching is a Shealer exclusive service.  It blends a combination of coaching, writing, breath work, body work, and energy work.  It addresses habitual negative thinking and works to rewire our minds towards optimism. Completion of Worry Reduction Life Coaching results in increased calm and strategic coping mechanisms for addressing worry.

LovEvolution Life Coaching

LovEvolution coaching, an evolution of love for ones self, is a Shealer exclusive service, born out of a time of deep struggle and subsequent transformation. LovEvolution addresses our intrinsic need for self love. We explore ways to better love ourselves, our bodies, our money, and more. There is a strong focus on forgiveness work in the second half of the LovEvolution coursework.  Upon completion, you can expect to feel freer, more fulfilled, and realigned with your life’s purpose.  This is currently offered as a group class only.

Coaching & Meditation

Services are offered in person in State College, PA and Online.

Individual Meditation Coaching (60 min) $80
Mini Listening Session (15 min) $25
Standard Life Coaching (50 min) $70
Worry Reduction Coaching (90 min) $125


Recommended Number of sessions:
(6) Standard
(4) Worry Reduction
(3) Individual meditation

Refer a friend, and you both will receive $5 off your next session.

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