Purple Rose Foundation

Meditation, Reiki & Life Coaching for Cancer Patients and their Caregivers

Welcome to the Purple Rose Foundation

We are honored to be part of your journey through cancer. The Purple Rose Foundation (PRF) was founded out of a desire to assist women and children afflicted with cancer, as well s the primary caregivers to them. This Foundation honors Rose Garrison, who died of ovarian cancer December 17, 2015, and loved receiving healing work throughout her walk with cancer.


Rose Garrison

The Purple Rose Foundation is in honor of my Aunt – Rose Garrison (1948-2015). She journeyed through the last 5+ years of her life with ovarian cancer and remained tenacious, brave, and a force of nature to the end.

Rose Garrison was a person who lived on her own terms, unyielding even to cancer when it came to enjoying life. Her joyous laugh could be heard in the next zip code. Her colorful wild hair and outfits let you know there would be no dull moments.

She loved hummingbirds, knitting, her cats, family, and the ocean.

In the last years of her life, knowing that we could not change the inevitable outcome, we included massage and Reiki into may of our visits. It’s the only time I can remember that she was quiet, readily absorbing the peace and surrender that occurred in those healing sessions.

Often our sessions were accompanied by my beloved cat Spats, who succumbed to cancer himself less than a month after her passing. It is my belief that they are continuing their love story in a realm unseen, but still nearby as I often feel their presence.

Services for Cancer Patients & Caregivers

It is my wish to continue honoring her by offering healing services to those still here, still journeying, still breathing life and striving for hopeful outcomes.

We all know people effected by cancer; some are gone, some have recovered and live full lives. Illness is both scary and expensive. The Purple Rose Foundation will do its part to allow those effected by cancer to receive the adjunctive, supportive care they need at no cost to them.

If you are a cancer patient or caregiver to someone who is, download the form for completion. Please note that there are a few questions to verify your qualifications. Read the ‘How it Works’ section below for more details. Submit completed forms to rae@shealer.net and I’ll be in touch to discuss services and scheduling.

How it works


The Purple Rose Foundation provides one free healing modality monthly. Currently, you may choose from Reiki, Life Coaching, or Guided Meditation. You are eligible to participate for the duration of your treatment (or the treatment of whom you are caring for). It is Shealer’s philosophy that you should have access to safe, nurturing, empowering forms of adjunct care at no additional cost.

To participate in this program, you must be able to provide proof of cancer diagnosis and treatment. It is also advisable and preferred that you sign a waiver for our providers to contact and coordinate care with your primary and specialty providers.

We understand that special considerations must be taken when dealing with cancer. Please let us know each time how you are feeling when you arrive. If you or the volunteer provider feel unsure about anything, the session may be postponed, shortened, or rescheduled. Services may also be modified based on the recommendation of your doctor.

To ensure you are getting the best care every session, please update us about any changes to your status, including: treatments, overall health/diagnosis/prognosis, and medications.

Our volunteers have given a commitment to stay educated about cancer, and how to best provide healing services to you during this journey. Together we will honor your physical, spiritual, and emotional presence and develop a healing strategy specialized to your needs.

Please be courteous and give at least 24 hours notice if unable to keep your session, as our volunteers are giving their time, energy and hearts to you at no charge.

Please reach out with any questions or to get in touch about your session.

Honoring Aunt Rose

When you see a hummingbird, smell the ocean air, or wear purple, please honor my beloved Aunt Rose and all those who are with her in the lost fight against cancer. Honor her the best you can by living each day fully without apology, and laughing as often and loudly as you can! And by all means eat the potato chips.


State College, Pennsylvania


(919) 608-8146

Virtually Connect

Though in person services are offered in State College, we can connect in a variety of ways anywhere in the world through email, Facebook Messenger and LinkedIn, while Skype and Facetime enable a scheduled face-to-face experience.