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Workshop Series & Reiki Training

Shealer offers two exclusive workshops for Worry Reduction and LovEvolution. In addition, Reiki Training for beginners, intermediates and masters is available.

Lovevolution Series

0Individual: (6) 50-minute sessions focused on creating more loving, peaceful, and grounded thought patterns. Topics include loving yourself, loving your money, loving your health and your body, and more. This course is intended to bring a balanced and holistic perspective towards healing different aspects of our lives; there is a strong focus on gratitude and forgiveness work and there can be significant emotional releasing in this series. This is a safe and supportive space to do so.

Group: (6) 75-minute small closed-group sessions following the same protocol. Activities and open discussion will follow a brief lecture outlining each meeting’s topic, which may change course based on the energy of each meeting. Group work is profound for those looking to connect with, and be encouraged by, others. Due to the sensitive nature of some topics, participants must commit to the full series and sign a confidentiality waiver.

Worry Reduction Series

Individual: (4) one-on-one 90-minute sessions focus on targeting patterns of worry and how they affect the physical and mental aspects of daily living. Sessions consist of a combination of worry-reduction activities, breathwork, massage, and Reiki. Successful completion of the series results in better coping mechanisms, increased relaxation, and forming healthier and more positive thought patterns.

Group: (3) 2-hour small closed-group sessions consisting of activities and breathwork only.  Group work is beneficial to those who are willing to discuss and share their struggles with anxiety.  This dynamic allows for a broader feeling of support and empowerment.  It can allow for significant releasing of old behaviors and a greater sense of empowerment.

Reiki Training

If you’d like to work with healing energy and deepen your awareness of universal energy, sign up for the Shealer Reiki Training Series. Reiki is transferred from master to student. This process opens the crown, heart, and palm chakras. You’ll learn the Reiki technique of channeling energy, increasing the strength of energy, healing of personal problems, clearing the mind, increasing psychic sensitivity, and raising your level of consciousness. You’ll find the Reiki healing techniques lend themselves to other healing and spiritual practices.

Contact Shealer with your specific questions about this course.

Workshops and Classes

LovEvolution Series
6 small group sessions with 6 individual support sessions
Worry Reduction Series
(3 small group sessions with 6 individual support sessions)
Reiki I Training $185
Reiki II Training $215
Advanced Reiki II Training $245
Reiki Master Training $640

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