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The Next Detox Diet Diva Program Starts September 6th!

Build a community.  Boost your immunity.  Join the 21 day challenge.

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Detox Diet Diva 21 Day Challenge

An immersive, guided 21 day clean eating experience with personal interaction for success.

Affirmation Cards

Shealer’s one of a kind affirmation cards help you continue your work on self love, reducing stress, dealing with pain, and living your best life with healing, positive energy, peace and soothing mantras.

How to Use Affirmation Cards

Keep affirmation cards on hand to guide you through  moments no matter where you are. Keep them in your car, workbag, beside your bed or anywhere you feel the anxieties of life creeping in. Draw random cards or choose specific cards for upcoming life events. Say the mantra out loud or to yourself. Affirmation cards are a great way to bring balance to situations and remind you of your practice outside of Shealer classes.

Why Shealer Affirmation Cards

Rae created these specific mantras on the affirmation cards to compliment the Life Coaching & Meditation courses and workshops & classes offered by Shealer. Though, anyone can benefit from keeping these decks by their side throughout daily life.

Gift Certificates

Give one of the Shealer services to a friend or family member. Gift Cards are available by category – like bodywork, energy work, life coaching & meditation, workshops & classes or distant services – or by denomination. Contact us if you have any questions.


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Virtually Connect

Though in person services are offered in State College, we can connect in a variety of ways anywhere in the world through email, Facebook Messenger and LinkedIn, while Skype and Facetime enable a scheduled face-to-face experience.